World Peace Project (Rev01)
The senior management at Bohica Brothers Heavy Industries became intrigued with possible applications of combat robotics in times of peace (i.e. to cash in on the peace dividend). The Robotics Division was formed and resources allocated for the development of a proof-of-concept prototype. The World Peace Project became a reality.
World Peace Project (Rev02)
Prototype testing at Bot Bowl I in November 1999 was generally successful, but uncovered several design flaws and potential enhancements to the original design. Continuation of the World Peace project was authorized by senior management in late December of 1999. Work has begun in earnest on a commercial version of World Peace with an expected completion date of June 2000.
Control Box Project (Rev01)
Wielding the hand of peace responsibly proved to be more difficult than originally expected. This realization resulted in initiation of the Control Box Project. The objective of this project was to develop a remote means of maintaining a firm, yet flexible grip on the helm of World Peace.
Control Box Project (Rev02)
Building a bigger, better, more peaceful World Peace required a bigger, better, more flexible Control Box. A second phase of the Control Box Project has been authorized and is currently underway with an expected completion date of late May 2000.